Islamophobia Rising: 4 Mosques Targeted, Including a Terror Plot in the Past Week

With the elections fast approaching, there is an apparent spike in incidents targeting the American Muslim community in the past week alone.


10/15/16:  Waterloo, Iowa –  The Masjid Al Noor mosque, in Waterloo, Iowa was found to have been vandalized on Saturday.  The word “TRUMP” was spray painted on the mosque’s exterior, in large red letters.  Neighbors from the local interfaith community showed up in the following days to help clean the vandalism, in an act of solidarity.

10/15/16:  Bayonne, New Jersey –  A mosque in the city of Bayonne was the victim of an act of vandalism on Saturday, the 15h.  A 20-year-old man named Jonathan Hussey was arrested in connection with the hate-crime.  The words “F*** Arabs!” “F*** Muslims!” and “Trump” were spray painted on the side of the building.

10/15/16:  Garden City, Kansas – A trio of men from Garden City, Kansas were arrested for plotting a terrorist attack on Somali Muslims in Garden City, Kansas.  The plot was thwarted by the FBI, after being tipped off by an informant and the girlfriend of one of the plotters.  Curtis Allen, Gavin Wright, and Patrick Eugene Stein are facing terror charges, for attempting to blow up an apartment complex and mosque in the area.

One of the plotters is quoted as saying: “The only f—— way this country’s ever going to get turned around is it will be a bloodbath and it will be a nasty, messy motherf***er.”  According to multiple sources, at least one of the plotters was an avid supporter of Presidential candidate, Donald Trump:


fort smith.png

10/20/16 – Fort Smith, Arkansas – Three assailants are being sought in connection with a case of vandalism at the Masjid Al Salam, in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  The words “Go home,”USA” and “F*** Islam” written on the facility’s sign.  The vandalism occurred early Thursday morning, and one of the suspects is described as a “white man in a baseball cap.”

“Cut his f***ing hair” – Two men arrested for brutal attack on Sikh man in California

A Sikh man was the victim of a brutal hate crime, on September 25th in Richmond, California.  Maan Singh Khalsa was stopped at a red light, when a group of men in a Ford pickup began screaming epithets at him.  A beer can was lobbed at Khalsa’s vehicle during the encounter as well.

The men approached Khalsa’s car, punching him and pulling a knife.  One of the attackers yelled “Cut his hair,” and Khalsa’s head was pulled through the car’s open window and his hair cut with the knife.

The 41-year-0ld Sikh man suffered multiple facial injuries in the attack, including a black eye, dental damage – as well as needing stitches on his hands.  Police have arrested two men in connection with the attack.  Chase Little and Dustin Albarado were named as two of the attackers, while the remaining assailants are still being sought by police.  Albarado and Little are facing felony assault charges.

Anti-Sikh hate crimes are sharply on the rise.  Just last week, a man in the Bakersfield, CA area was assaulted, with a soda thrown in his face.  In that attack, onlookers did nothing to help the individual who was assaulted.

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Sikh Man Attacked in Bakersfield, CA. Man throws soda at his face. No one stands up.

A Sikh man was dining at The Habit Burger, in Bakersfield, California when he became the subject of a bigoted attack.  The assailant, who is described as a “caucasian male” was leaving a nearby restaurant, when he approached Balmeet Singh.  Singh, who observes the Sikh religious traditions of wearing a turban and beard, was harassed and threatened by the individual.

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The attacker allegedly yelled “I should ******* kill you right now,” as well as “You’re trying to blow up the country.”  He then threw a large cup of soda at Singh’s face.  Most troubling about this story, is even though Singh notified the authorities – no one in the large crowd dining at The Habit intervened or attempted to help.

“Everyone looked away….or looked down.  They all pretended…like it didn’t happen” Singh said.

The Sikh community have increasingly been targeted in bias related attacks.  In December, an elderly Sikh man named Amrit Singh Bal was run over in an apparent hate crime in Fresno.  There also have been multiple recent instances of Sikh temples being targeted and vandalized.

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Mosque in Dresden, Germany hit by bomb attack, while imam and his family were inside.

A mosque in Dresden, Germany was the victim of an apparent Islamophobic attack on Monday.  Attackers used improvised explosive devices that were left at the door, causing explosions and leaving considerable damage to the building’s exterior.

The imam of the Fatih Cemii mosque, along with his wife and children were present at the mosque during the time of the explosions – however no one was injured.  Dresden has been at the center of xenophobic, anti-immigrant protests staged by the far-right.

In response to the attack, the mosque has amped up security in the area.  No suspects have been arrested in connection with the attacks.  For more information on this story, Click Here:

Muslim Woman’s Blouse Set on Fire, While Shopping in NYC

A Muslim woman visiting from Scotland, was the victim of an apparent hate-crime while shopping in New York City.  The 36-year-old woman, who police describe as “traditionally dressed” was walking along 5th Avenue when she felt a a burning sensation on her left side.

When she looked up, she saw a man with a lighter put it away and disappear into a side street.  The woman was able to extinguish the fire quickly and was left uninjured but, shaken.  The fire left a hole in her blouse, which was the size of a quarter.  According to the victim, the man said nothing the attack.

The NYPD is investigating this as a potential hate crime.  No suspects have been identified yet.  There has been another upswing in recent anti-Muslim violence, with an attack on two Muslim women taking place in New York City last week.  In that attack, a woman screamed epithets at the Muslim women, who were pushing strollers.  She also violently assaulted the pair in front of their children.  Yesterday, a mosque in Ft. Pierce, Florida was burned severely by an arsonist.

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“Go Home F***ing Foreigner” – Man Arrested For Assaulting Muslim Purdue Professor

A West Lafayette, Indiana man was arrested in connection with a case of an attack on a Purdue University professor.  The professor, who is a Canadian-Egyptian Muslim, was allegedly victimized by Austin Bradley Gregory.  Gregory became upset in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and along with a female assailant – followed the professor to his home.

There, the female assailant encouraged Gregory to kill the professor, while epithets were yelled.  During the attack, Gregory reportedly screamed “Go home f***ing foreigner.”  CAIR is calling on law enforcement to investigate this attack as a possible hate crime.

Gregory was arrested by police, but has yet to be charged.

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