Mosque in Dresden, Germany hit by bomb attack, while imam and his family were inside.

A mosque in Dresden, Germany was the victim of an apparent Islamophobic attack on Monday.  Attackers used improvised explosive devices that were left at the door, causing explosions and leaving considerable damage to the building’s exterior.

The imam of the Fatih Cemii mosque, along with his wife and children were present at the mosque during the time of the explosions – however no one was injured.  Dresden has been at the center of xenophobic, anti-immigrant protests staged by the far-right.

In response to the attack, the mosque has amped up security in the area.  No suspects have been arrested in connection with the attacks.  For more information on this story, Click Here:

Muslim Woman’s Blouse Set on Fire, While Shopping in NYC

A Muslim woman visiting from Scotland, was the victim of an apparent hate-crime while shopping in New York City.  The 36-year-old woman, who police describe as “traditionally dressed” was walking along 5th Avenue when she felt a a burning sensation on her left side.

When she looked up, she saw a man with a lighter put it away and disappear into a side street.  The woman was able to extinguish the fire quickly and was left uninjured but, shaken.  The fire left a hole in her blouse, which was the size of a quarter.  According to the victim, the man said nothing the attack.

The NYPD is investigating this as a potential hate crime.  No suspects have been identified yet.  There has been another upswing in recent anti-Muslim violence, with an attack on two Muslim women taking place in New York City last week.  In that attack, a woman screamed epithets at the Muslim women, who were pushing strollers.  She also violently assaulted the pair in front of their children.  Yesterday, a mosque in Ft. Pierce, Florida was burned severely by an arsonist.

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“Go Home F***ing Foreigner” – Man Arrested For Assaulting Muslim Purdue Professor

A West Lafayette, Indiana man was arrested in connection with a case of an attack on a Purdue University professor.  The professor, who is a Canadian-Egyptian Muslim, was allegedly victimized by Austin Bradley Gregory.  Gregory became upset in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and along with a female assailant – followed the professor to his home.

There, the female assailant encouraged Gregory to kill the professor, while epithets were yelled.  During the attack, Gregory reportedly screamed “Go home f***ing foreigner.”  CAIR is calling on law enforcement to investigate this attack as a possible hate crime.

Gregory was arrested by police, but has yet to be charged.

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Watauga, Texas Man Arrested For Threatening to Behead Members of Local Mosque

Members of a small mosque in the Ft. Worth suburb of Watauga, TX were shocked when they heard an explicit voicemail left at their facility.

A man, claiming to be a former member of the military left a violent message stating “”We will cut all of your heads off. Do you understand me? All of you.”

Members of Masjid al Sahaabah quickly phoned police, to inform them of the threats.  After a period of investigation, it was found that the culprit in the threat was 36-year-old James Nicholas Smithey.  Smithey, who lives a mile away from the facility, was arrested and charged with harassment.  The charge is considered a “Class-B Misdemeanor.”

Community members are still on edge after the arrest, but are thankful that law enforcement took the threats seriously.  After being released on bail, Smithey called the facility back – leaving a voicemail and apologizing for his behavior.  He says he does not recall the incident, and was very drunk at the time.

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Muslim-Run Food Pantry Trashed By Vandal in Atlanta

A food pantry, run by the Islamic Circle of North America was ransacked by a vandal last Wednesday.  Although the crime was initially thought to be another case in a recent string of robberies, managers of the office noticed that no items were actually taken from the office.

Instead, items such as halal meat were removed from the refrigeration unit and thrown on the floor.  Other food items were dumped out, with windows smashed in.  The vandal turned security cameras inward, to help mask the attack.

From 11 Alive (Atlanta)

According to ICNA-Atlanta, hundreds of dollars of food went to waste.  The organization says it helped assist nearly 24,000 people of all faiths in the year 2015.  Police have not identified any suspects in the attack as yet.

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Arab-American Murdered By Neighbor, Who Terrorized Family, Called Them “Dirty Arabs”

An Tulsa man of Lebanese-Christian descent was the victim of a senseless murder, at the hands of a neighbor who had been harassing the family for years.  37-year-old Khalid Jabara was shot and killed by Vernon Majors, who had a disturbing cycle of violence against the Jabara family.

khalid jabara
Via Facebook

According to family, Majors had previously run over the mother of Khalid, Haifa Jabara – leaving her severely injured.   In the past three years, Jabara’s family has sought two separate restraining orders on Majors – one for his mother in 2013, then one for Khalid in 2015.  A court filing by prosecutors in May referred to Majors as “a risk to the public” and requested for him to be held without bond.  Despite these warning signs, Majors was allowed to remain at large.


From the victim’s sister:


According to police, Khalid called them last Friday after learning that Majors had gotten a hold of a gun.  Shortly after they were called, it was found that Majors had shot and killed Jabara.  Fellow neighbors corroborate the family’s claim of ongoing racial abuse, aimed toward Arabs and Mexicans in the neighborhood.

The Jabara family issued a statement, documenting the pattern of abuse they suffered from Majors throughout the years.  “He often called us “dirty Arabs,” “filthy Lebanese,” “Aye-rabs,” and “Mooslems”—a fact highlighted by the Tulsa Police Department who also heard these comments from the suspect.”

Based on this extensive history of racial abuse, it is clear that racism played an extensive role in this entirely preventable murder.

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